Google Map of Guston Hall

On March 28, 2015, I visited Gunston Hall, the home of George Mason author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights. During my visit I learned some interesting facts about the layout of George Mason’s plantation. For example, on the river side of the house is a one acre garden used by the Mason family to grow vegetables. There is also a series of earthen mounds used as viewing mounts by George Mason to see who was approaching Gunston Hall by boat and to oversee his slaves working in the fields and on his wharf. In addition George Mason built a schoolhouse where his nine children were taught by a tutor who lived on the upper floor. The following day I created my first google map. The map has pins marking the locations of the main house, the schoolhouse, and the viewing mounds. It also has a polygon outlining the vegetable garden. I am proud to have learned how to create a Google map and eager to learn how to attach pictures to the pins.

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